Back for 2014!

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We are back! Yes, it has been a long time since we last posted something unique and beautiful, but we have been busy building up our online presence in various social media. As such, let me introduce to you guys our new sites:

Our webpage:
Find out more about us, who we are, and how to contact us if you are interested in us shipping to you domestically.

Instagram: #OldWorldPottery
Find a treasure trove of pictures by searching us using #oldworldpottery

Facebook: Old World Pottery
Our first social media page! Find and Like Us on Facebook (especially if you are local to Wichita Falls or Texoma). On our page, we usually announce sales, post pictures of merchandise, communicate with our fans, and announce arrivals of new merchandise! 

Twitter: @OldWorldPottery
Follow us @oldworldpottery and receive the same messages we post on our Facebook account!

Foursquare: Old World Pottery
If you are travelling to Wichita Falls with the intention of visiting us, use the Foursquare app on your smartphone to find our location, tag yourself visiting us, and become "Mayor" of Old World Pottery.

Yelp: Old World Pottery
Search us on Yelp for our location, contact information, and reviews. Also, send us your feedback as well!

Our second blog site showcases pictures of our pottery, rustic accents, and outdoor decor.

Pinterest: Old World Pottery
Follow us on Pinterest and find that special piece to compliment your idea board!

Visit our sites and let us know what you think!

Home & Garden 2013

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It's been too long since I've last posted on this blog, and I'm truly sorry for that. I've been traveling all around the U.S. and Mexico, searching for new styles of pottery and outdoor decor. As a result, I feel I have an incredible selection of Cast Stone, Terra Cotta, Natural Stone, and Metal Art Work since I started four years ago. This year's Home & Garden Show in Wichita Falls was an amazing success, as I showcased all the new pieces I've picked up in the past two months. The biggest draws were my Cast Aluminum Horse, my Cantera Stone Columns, and my Corona Rooster. Below I'm going to post pictures of the past four Home & Garden Shows, starting from most recently to my very first show, chronicling how far I've come as a business. 

My sincerest thanks to those who have and continue to support my business!

Better Selection, Better Quality: Old World Pottery!


Setting Up 2013
 Work in Progress 2013
 Working Fountain 2013
 Home & Garden 2013
 Cast Aluminum Horse 2013
 Animal Decor 2013
 Metal Flowers, Rustic Agave, and Vintage Planter 2013
 Painted Agave, Vintage Planter, and Corona Rooster 2013
 Talvera Borracho Frog & Peacock 2013
 My Collection of Metal Flowers 2013
 Frog Planter, Rabbit Statuary, Greyhound Statue, & Hand Carved St. Francis 2013
 Home & Garden 2012
 Wall Decor, Metal Flowers, Pottery, and Metal Art 2012
 Colorful Metal Flowers 2012
 Majolica Planters, Talavera Animals, & Cast Stone Statuary 2012
 Talavera, Pottery, & Outdoor Decor 2011
 Home & Garden 2011
 Majolica Planter, Metal Art, Wood Window Frames 2011
 Cast Stone Planters & Statuary, Colorful Metal Art 2011
 Work in Progress 2010
 Cast Stone Planters & Oaxaca Pottery 2010
 Home & Garden Show 2010
 Home & Garden 2010
 Cast Stone Statuary & Terra Cotta Pottery 2010

Winter Decor

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Old World Pottery carries a variety of Xmas decor made of metal, terra cotta, and talavera.


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Chimeaneas were made by Native Americans to provide heat, light, and cook for their families. There are still traditional chimeneas,but throughout the years chimeneas have changed in style and design. Despite the changes, chimeneas are still being used to provide warmth for families. Chimeneas can be found in the backyard of many homes, with pinon wood used to provide warmth and an aromatic scent. They create a warm and cozy atmosphere for families who enjoy relaxing outside on their patio during those chilly, fall nights.


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Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, is a yearly holiday observed all around the world. A typical Halloween includes trick or treating, decorations, costumes, parties, and more. Even though this happens every year, it’s still a memorable holiday you can share with friends and family. Kids in either store bought costumes or even hand made costumes go door to door asking for candy by saying “trick or treat.” However, they don’t go to any home, they go to the house with the most Halloween decorations. They know that whoever’s inside will have the best treats because they love Halloween. A house can say it all. One of the greatest symbols of Halloween appears on almost every Halloween lover’s lawn: a Jack-o-lantern. A fun, family tradition is started when they first pick a pumpkin together. Carving funny or even scary faces on the pumpkin makes it a memorable holiday. Even if a family doesn't have real pumpkins though, they still find a way to pick that perfect jack-o-lantern. Buying one doesn't make it less memorable, there is still a feeling of togetherness and knowing that they picked it out together.